cancer’s complexity

Mosaic is reshaping the interface of computational and experimental biology to power new medicines for patients.

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Born out of ground-breaking research

Pioneering work in translational functional genomics at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, in collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute, forms the scientific foundation of Mosaic’s R&D engine

Agnostic, prospective, and data driven approach

Powered by a proprietary, large-scale, wet and dry lab platform: Over 1300 deeply-characterised 2D and 3D tumour models across multiple cancer types, genome-scale CRISPR screening capabilities, and industry-validated PRIME computational pipeline.

Enabling molecularly-guided stratification

We are moving away from classifying cancers solely on their tissue of origin and towards stratification based both on their tissue of origin and specific molecular characteristics, to provide more effective and less toxic medicines for patients.

Mosaic is uniquely positioned to deliver on the future of targeted oncology therapeutics, leveraging world-leading research capabilities

Our goal

Unlock further benefit for cancer patients through development of novel targeted therapeutics in biomarker-defined settings to provide safer, more effective medicines.

The problem

Substantial unmet needs remain for cancer patients:

  • Mean 5-year survival across all cancer types remains at 51%
  • Oncology drug development is hampered by a 93% clinical failure rate
  • Testing all potential drug, target and therapeutic hypotheses is too time consuming and costly; there are over 800 known cancer fitness genes, over 200 cancer types, and over 2k known genetic biomarkers

Our solution

Mosaic’s platform takes a large-scale, agnostic and prospective approach to identify and develop novel targeted therapies, completely reinventing the traditional approach to target and drug discovery.

What makes us unique

  • Large-scale, systematic, unbiased genetic and pharmacological screening across hundreds of patient-derived cancer models
  • Industry-leading capabilities to generate, aggregate and interrogate vast multidimensional datasets via machine learning and statistical methods
  • Bespoke relationship with Wellcome Sanger Institute with access to deep scientific expertise, infrastructure and biological assets
  • Proprietary, integrated platform to accelerate pathways to clinical proof-of-concept

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Industry pioneers

Mathew Garnett, PhD

  • Senior Group Leader at the Wellcome Sanger Institute
  • 20+ years’ experience in genomics and cancer therapeutics
  • Developer of leading, widely-used cancer therapeutics resources (inc. DepMap and GDSC)
  • Co-discoverer of:
    • BRAF mutations in cancer
    • Werner helicase as a target in MSI tumours
  • Open Targets Sanger Scientific Lead

Adrian Ibrahim, PhD MBA ARCS
SVP Operations and Alliances

  • Inaugural Chair, UK BIA Genomics Advisory Committee
  • 20+ years’ experience of technology development & commercialisation in cancer and genomics
  • Genomics company spin outs include: Microbiotica, Congenica, 14M Genomics
  • Genomics industry transactions include Open Targets, a £200m+ multi pharma genomic target discovery initiative

Emile Voest, MD, PhD

  • Senior Group Leader at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and Oncode Institute
  • Chairman of the board of Cancer Core Europe
  • Global leader in translational research with emphasis on genetics, tumour organoids and immunology.
  • Former Executive Medical Director of the Netherlands Cancer Institute
  • Independent, non-executive director, Sanofi
  • Founder of multiple precision medicine programs


Press releases

Mosaic Therapeutics closes $28m series A funding and appoints Brian Gladsden as CEO

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Join our team, and use your skills to improve the lives of cancer patients. If you are driven by the prospect of changing lives through innovation then we want to hear from you.

We are always on the lookout for talented people with a range of skills from wet lab scientists and bioinformaticians, to software developers and statisticians to join our team. If you like the idea of working for Mosaic, please send in your CV to

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